Cultural Fair

McSweeny Elementary hosted the 10th annual Cultural Fair to celebrate diversity. The event was another huge success with over 300 in attendance. The event raised $1,400, which is going directly back into the classrooms on campus.

The fair began with McSweeny’s student leadership team carrying flags of different cultures through the audience. The school band began to play under the direction  of Mr. Hansen, and Mrs. Williams and Ms. Kirkendall led 2nd grade students as they played the ukulele. During the event, families were able to experience different cultures as they walked throughout the school. Families could “visit” Australia where they could see boomerangs being made, Mexico where there was a bean bag toss, and play the limbo in the Caribbean.

Thank you to the McSweeny staff for creating an event that celebrates and introduces different cultures to students in a fun and exciting way!