March 11, 2021


Dear McSweeny Families,


As you are all now aware, as a result of recent legislation, the Hemet Unified School District will be reopening schools for the remainder of this school year.  As the principal of McSweeny Elementary, I am so happy to welcome back our scholars who are returning to in person instruction and want to support all of our families, whether in person or staying online with understanding the changes that may result.


We have included bell schedules that will cover both in person and online learning groups.  One is for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and the second one is for Wednesday as ALL students will work from home, online, on Wednesdays.  It is our goal to make as few classroom changes as possible as a result of returning, but please be aware that  this is a possibility we are facing for some.  We will know more once we have the results of the choices made by our families and know just how many scholars are returning and how many are choosing to stay online.  Again - we truly hope to not have to make changes, but due to social distancing requirements, if we have more scholars return than we can safely put in a morning group face to face, a change may have to be made to a different teacher and/or an afternoon group on campus. 


Some other things to know:


Arrival - ALL students coming for in person instruction will enter the campus through the Multi-purpose Room located at the front of  the school.  This is for the purpose of temperature screening.  Students must be dropped off at the door - absolutely NO visitors will be allowed on campus for student drop offs.  Please speak with your child and make sure that he/she knows and understands this routine.


Dismissal - ALL students will exit campus after instruction either at the front of campus on Chambers for  kinder, 4th and 5th grade or  1st -3rd will exit the main playground gate off the parking lot  like during our past practice.


Breakfast - Breakfast will be served each morning to students who come to in person instruction.  Families can continue to pick up meal boxes bi-weekly on Wednesdays for the remaining lunch and dinner meals.  We recommend all students bring a water bottle as we have new bottle refill stations installed on campus.


Masks - All students and staff will be expected to wear a mask at all times, with the exception of when eating or drinking.  Unless a child or staff member has a medical exemption from wearing a mask, this is non-negotiable and required by Public Health.  Students will be provided with 2 masks and a mask lanyard for use at school.  Masks from home are welcome.


Sanitization - All high traffic areas and restrooms will be cleaned periodically during the school day.  Each classroom has a supply of sanitizing wipes for all surfaces/desks and hand sanitizers.  A plastic shield will also be used on desks to provide more protection.

Isolation Rooms - Students who have symptoms of COVID 19,  will be cared for in an isolation room, away from other peers and staff while the family is being contacted for pick up.  The best way to avoid this is to please screen your child for symptoms using the Frontline App prior to bringing them to school each day.  Temperature screening will take place upon arrival to campus for all staff and students.


Q & A Session - Finally, I want to give you an opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on the changes in our schedule.  On Monday, March 15 @ 4:30 PM, please join me, Mr. Munnell and our Parent Liaison, Abigail Villalpando on Zoom for a live meeting.   Join the Zoom Meeting through this link: PARENT INFORMATIONAL MEETING


It is our goal to finish the remaining quarter of this year with as much support as possible regardless of your choice for Hybrid or Full Online Learning for your child.  Please know that we recognize the immense challenges this year has brought on all of our families.  We look forward to hearing from you and working alongside you to complete the 2020-21 school year.



Ms. DePriest