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Mission & Vision


McSweeny Elementary School shall be a community, nurturing academic excellence for all students and demonstrating leadership in character development.  The vision statement is intended to serve both the blueprint for improvement and the benchmark by which we will evaluate our progress.




All students know they can learn through the ability of academic language. Students will also be able to apply the knowledge acquired.
Students feel safe and supported in all learning environments at school.



The teachers implement standards and students work toward achieving the standards at each grade level.
Effective and interactive teaching strategies are modeled by the teachers through Direct Interactive Instruction and the use of academic language.
Students develop a deep understanding of essential knowledge and critical thinking skills through application and life-long learning experiences.




The staff will show commitment to all students reaching their highest learning potential by modeling life long learning, being positive and respectful of others.



Parents participate in the collaboration and communication process with regular conversations with school staff.
Parents support the school’s mission and vision statements through their interactions with school staff and conversations with their children.
Parents model respect towards school staff at home and at school with positive actions and positive conversations.
Parents participate with students in the daily homework process by monitoring and reinforcing daily assignments.



Community involvement will enhance and support student activities, through donations, fieldtrips, and volunteer support.


We will provide a safe, positive, and cooperative learning environment across all grade levels.

The PBIS Program will help support the school-wide discipline policy.

We will celebrate success